Monitoring and Control

 Remote Monitoring and Control, secure, remote access of Real-Time data. Interactive monitoring and control system utilzing the IIOT to put real time information about your equipment and facilities at your fingertips.

  • Tank Monitoring
  • Pump monitoring and control
  • Site to site communication
  • Field kills
  • Data collection / MQTT / FTP
  • Alarm / Text / Email notifications
  • Customization options

Our monitoring & automation system saves time and money by making everyone in your organization more effective and productive. 

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  • Real Time: All data is available in real-time and can be accessed through a free app on your mobile device or PC.
  • Cost: Cost are reduced significantly as employees spends less time and money on task whish can be handled remotely. There are NO infrastructure cost and NO software licenses!
  • Safety & Compliance: Reduce employee exposure to hazards involving gauging tanks. Enviromental compliance is met with ease using automatic critical Shut Down and Spill prevention.
  • Optimization: Continual readings with Charts, Graphs, and Analytics allow for production optimization.

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Features and Capabilities (Base Unit)

  • 4 sensor (analog) inputs: (tank level, pump pressure, motor current, temperature)
  • 6 input (digital) devices: (float switch, motor run status, oil pressure switch, Murphy switch, security entry switch)
  • 7 relay outputs: (motor control, field kills, warning light/horn, valve/solenoid)
  • 1 variable (analog output): (VFD speed control, valve positioning)
  • Expansion: Additional inputs and outputs (IO) modules can be added as your needs grow
  • Communication Protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus IP, Ethernet IP, MQTT, DH 485
  • Site to Site Communication: Injection site can tell a remote pump site miles away to stop sending water in case of a high level
  • Local wireless network(mesh): Connect equipment in the same general area with a local wireless network and access using one cellular connection
  • Additional options: Wireless sensor & controls, solar panel, high gain antenna, license free ethernet, data collection, storage, analytics, live streaming video, and so much more

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An invaluable tool that will pay for itself time and time again, the standard unit starts at $2995.00* and can be tailored to fit your needs.

Please Note: Installation labor, material and a $30.00 monthly cellular access fee are separate.

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